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Women Empowerment is our goal

The goal of Women Entrepreneurs India is to comprehensively guide aspiring and established women entrepreneurs in scaling their potentials. WEI offers candid information and assistance to women, guiding them to the ideal resources. WEI educates women, enhancing their ideas, helping them find the best solutions tailored to their needs, unleashing their strengths.

Our Services
  • A focussed service for the aspiring women entrepreneurs, this service will help them transform their ideas into profitable enterprises.
  • Domain specific advice and counselling for the members on the various available opportunities and their benefits.
  • Personalised suggestions are provided by the professional advisory board, based on the latest opportunities and trends
  • Program for discussion of various business ideas, schemes and benefits of different business opportunities
  • Awareness program designed to reach a wide network of women entrepreneurs
  • Capacity building and preparation for business development Skill development, networking and follow up services
  • Periodic seminars and conferences for members for strategic planning and development
  • Members can work towards building their online presence to efficient marketing strategies
  • Learn the process of effective collaboration and connect well with the customers
  • Optimize your efforts by promoting your organizational skills and continuous analysis
  • Visualize new opportunities of product reach through the most innovative ideas and planning
  • Access to the most valuable and experienced tips from professional and established women entrepreneurs
  • Access to the most valuable and experienced tips from professional and established women entrepreneurs
  • Access to the consulting expertise from the industry experts
  • Access to various new-age marketing strategies – both online and offline
  • Learn different ways of accessing the internet and using its potential to improve your business
  • Identify opportunities of skill development and device an appropriate plan for improvisation
  • Constant meetings and workshops with the visionaries to improve the awareness and development opportunities for budding women entrepreneurs
  • Provide access to the necessary tools and skill sets to run a successful business
  • Women Entrepreneurs India is one of the most popular website that celebrates women led businesses, their spirit and their adept entrepreneurship. WEI ranks number one in the most popular search engines leaving behind thousands of its competitors. We are one of the fastest growing network of women entrepreneurs that showcase the products and services marketed and promoted by women.
  • WEI’s ecommerce portal gives you the advantage of the maximum number of hits due to its high ranking in the web search engines. Participating women entrepreneurs can interact with each other and promote their products with like-minded people who are already members on the website. We offer you an excellent platform to compare and conceive the best possible strategies to market your products and services.
  • Our ecommerce portal is safe, secure and user friendly, and offers the most convenient shopping experience for your customers. Sell your products or services, network with fellow women entrepreneurs and promote your business on the most popular portal for women, WEI.
  • Women Entrepreneurs India is one of the fastest growing network of women entrepreneurs that showcases the business run by empowered women. To offer the best possible shopping experience for the customer, we have compiled all the businesses, products and services into one easy to use directory. You will find listings of all the participating women entrepreneurs, their products and services, all at one glance.
  • Search our user friendly directory listings for the best shopping experience. We specialize in providing you the best quality products and services offered by our member women entrepreneurs in a safe, secure and convenient online environment. You can compare, and look at the different products and services available at one place, before you place your order.
  • It is a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs to showcase, display and sell their products on our website, as we offer the best platform available for all types of products and services. Get the maximum number of views for your businesses on this fast growing website.

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We welcome all the women entrepreneurs aboard! - Become aware of the challenges ahead of you and be better equipped to overcome them. Contact us for more details.

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