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We welcome all the women entrepreneurs aboard! - Become aware of the challenges ahead of you and be better equipped to overcome them.

Few words about us

WEI also provides optimum awareness on the existing funding avenues that could scale up their business. Startup funding support from WEI gives women a helping hand in establishing a business that could sustain market pressures and competition. This support system is also extended towards women entrepreneurs who are planning to upscale their existing business..

With a national presence, WEI plans to support the ventures and ideas of women from the urban and rural sections with equal vigour. Women Entrepreneurs India has a well-rooted institutional capacity and alliances with able mentors, trainers and marketing professionals, to support women in all avenues of their entrepreneurial dreams..


Women Entrepreneurs India offers support to women looking forward to start a business with ideas that coincide with their abilities, interests and skills. Started in the year 2013 by Mahalakshmi Saravanan, WEI strives to educate, train, support and motivate women entrepreneurs all over India, through innovative business ideas, startup funding avenues, marketing support and mentor connects.

You can become a member of WEI through a formal and free of cost registration process and bring about a progressive change in your entrepreneurial life. WEI aims to create a robust eco-system of women entrepreneurs who connect on a regular basis to exchange best practices, new ideas, and widen their areas of opportunities.