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WEI does not impart information which is sensitive, unique and personal such as name, telephone number, email id and address. WEI may periodically contact their members in case business partners display interest in members’ products and vice versa when members may need to be connected to certain individuals/companies. As is in accordance with the goal of their website, WEI may divulge data with partners who are trusted and discreet to send their members emails, offer customer support or to make arrangements for deliveries and to render analysis (statistical). WEI does not allow third parties to use their members’ information unless they are requested to provide certain services for Women’s Entrepreneur India wherein they will be requested to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information. No sensitive data will be given out without the member/s consent.

WEI may from time to time update their Privacy Policy and requests their users to please check the same. We hold all information as top priority and attach utmost confidence to personal data to protect privacy. Aggregate data may be gathered without identifying any individual so that WEI can upgrade their services and products to serve their clientele in a more effective manner


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To harness the power of women entrepreneurs, while providing a structured and supportive network for conducting business, showcasing their talents and strengths, building business opportunities, and offering mentoring services to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

02 Our Mission

Provide a forum for women entrepreneurs to grow professionally through networking and educational opportunities

Improve the visibility of women run enterprises through innovative techniques of online marketing

Encourage women to share resources, best practices and experiences to inspire more successes

Create peer support for women entrepreneurs in varied businesses

An initiative towards women empowerment

Women Empowerment

Empowering women to build stronger economies

Empowering Rural Women

Empowering rural women to fulfill the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals

Empowering Youth

Empowering youth to improve their livelihood through skill development training and revenue generation activities

Empowering Women

Women Empowerment is the need of the hour

Why Us?

  • Women Entrepreneurs India advocates the basic cause of women empowerment and sustained business intelligence
  • Women Entrepreneurs India supports women dynamism and helps them break away from the beaten track of routine pressures
  • Women Entrepreneurs India educates and trains women to adapt to various skills that help them showcase their business traits better
  • Women Entrepreneurs India offers mentorship to support their quest for economic independence
  • Women Entrepreneurs India endeavors to propel women’s contribution to national economy by exploring new avenues of economic participation
  • Women Entrepreneurs India supports women entrepreneurs to inspire and support each other
  • Women Entrepreneurs India strives to help women to identify their potential in business
  • Women Entrepreneurs India helps start-up and budding women entrepreneurial ventures
  • Women Entrepreneurs India provides expert insight on various processes relating to business
  • Women Entrepreneurs India offers online and offline marketing support for nascent businesses
  • Women Entrepreneurs India provides a wide network of entrepreneurial women from various business verticals